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CThe Spiritual Hunger Package - Save 35% NOW ( 2 Books) by  Hank Kunnema and Ken Wood - Click To Enlarge
The Spiritual Hunger Package - Save 35% NOW ( 2 Books) by Hank Kunnema and Ken Wood
Hank Kunnema and Ken Wood - (SKU#: NM38884)

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The Spiritual Hunger Package

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Regular Price: $33.98

Sale Price: $22.09

2 Books
*Spiritual A.D.D. by Hank Kunnema
*The Supernatural Christian by Ken Wood

Spiritual A.D.D.

Spiritual A.D.D.

Overcoming Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder

by Hank Kunneman

Are you bored with spiritual things? Do you have trouble concentrating on God? Has your time with Him has become mundane and full of distractions? Do you fall asleep in prayer? You may have Spiritual A.D.D.

If you want to go deeper in the Spirit but can't seem to get results, Hank Kunneman is here to help you strengthen your focus on the Lord. He shares his own experiences with Spiritual A.D.D. and gives many valuable, practical tools for shaking off the snooze and tuning in to the Spirit.

You will learn:

  • To recognize the symptoms of Spiritual A.D.D.
  • To overcome excuses and spiritual boredom plaguing your walk.
  • Ways to avoid falling asleep and being frustrated and distracted.
  • How to build spiritual muscle to endure life's hardships and challenges.
  • Practical and spiritual tools to revitalize you.
  • The satisfaction of returning to the joy of your salvation.

Hank Kunneman writes, "This book will help you reconnect to God and begin a spiritual life of recovery. You can break away from the boring, snoring, and distracting. Get the results you need and long for in your prayer and spiritual life."

Snap out of it!

The Supernatural Christian

The Supernatural Christian

 Experiencing Life In the Spirit

by Ken Wood

The Supernatural Christian follows the author's transformation from a good Christian pastor to a great Christian healing pastor. Each of the brief and exciting 32 chapters is full of real-life experiences that shaped Pastor Ken Wood's ministry and changed the lives of those he and others have brought healing to in the name of the Healer, Jesus Christ.

Numerous stories of supernatural healings are shared in great detail. Pages are full of encouragement about how you can develop a more intimate relationship with God the Father. Provided are practical principles and concepts to help you seek, find, and live a more supernaturally spiritual life. The Supernatural Christian reveals insights every Christian needs to know to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The heart-warming stories and insights will build a renewed passion and zeal in the hungry believer to share the Gospel, and fill him or her with the knowledge and confidence to do so with signs and wonders following.

Best of all, The Supernatural Christian challenges you to take the steps of faith necessary to draw closer to God, be empowered, and boldly operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

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