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By Chuck Pierce
Dance MY New Dance! You Can Fly!
by Chuck Pierce

The LORD would say, At this key intersecting time of moving forward, many seem to be hesitating. Many are also snared between two opinions. I am opening and showing you light for new opportunity, but I see some resisting the steps into that place of faith and ministry and prosperity that is calling out to you. The call will remain extended for several weeks ahead. However, feel My stirring and respond.

The constrictions around you have stopped you from seeing your runway of advancement. I have come to make room for you to ascend to a new height. Extend your wings. Then extend them again. Stretch them to the left and the right. It is time for you to take flight! Let your gift make room for you. Expand into the new. I am more interested in you exercising your gift than in you finding your position at this time. Just as Joseph exercised his gift in prison, the gift made way for his positioning.

I am sorting out those situations that are presently confining you. I am coming in with a sorting instrument to begin to sort that which has kept evil in your midst working against My best purpose for your life. I will sort out the confusion that is around you. I am sending help now. What you need will be sorted out and your path will be rearranged. I AM coming down and cutting through the atmosphere that has been too thick for your vision to progress. I will take you through and over. You will feel water in your desert sand and moisture in your dry atmosphere. I will bring you in to My tent of refreshing and I will settle you in a new way.

I am choreographing a new dance for you. In the midst of this choreography, you are resisting the moves that I am telling you to make. Quit resisting My move, for you are leaning on your own understanding. The colors of the place that I take you will be much brighter and vibrant than anything you've ever stepped into. Quit resisting the room and the platform that I am asking you to dance in and upon. This is a time for new choreographies, new dances and new platforms. Quit resisting Me tearing down the old platforms that you are used to expressing your worship on. I will make you vibrant. Allow Me to penetrate you in a new way.

There is a dance I AM calling you to that is not dependent on your own understanding. You are resisting ME when you say, I don't understand how to do this dance. If you will get your eyes off your feet and look into My eyes, I will so captivate you by what you see in My eyes that you won't be concerned about the movement of your body. If you will let Me embrace you and bring you so close to Me that you don't have to worry about whether you're making the right move or the wrong move, then you will sense the moves that I AM making. I will take you from this earthly realm and we will dance in the heavens. Your spirit will dance with My Spirit and your understanding will come later. Quit trying to understand My move. Embrace Me. Get in the flow with Me. Let me captivate you with My gaze and we will do a dance like you've never seen.

DANCE NOW and you will become more fluid for this next season. I am not structuring you the same way that you have been structured in the past. The fluidity that I have for you will cause you to ease in and move with grace through narrow places. Come with me. Leave the last place you've been and you will ease through and into that place that I have now. There is a war over who will order the dance of your territory. There is a mental structure and stronghold over who will dance in their territories and change the land and atmosphere. Let My spontaneity arise in you. I am forming that new platform. Dance in My name, and I declare emotions will be healed and traumas will be released as the dance liberates your territory. A new wave of healing hearts, souls and lands is being released from the Heavenly Throne. Dance and represent MY movement. See the roots of hell let go of the gates. Then dance through the gates and into the streets, and many will join My Procession. City gates, beware! My people are beginning to move and dance!

Chuck Pierce



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